Kirkstall Brewery Virtuous Session IPA (GF) (V) 4.50%
Kirkstall Brewery Dexter Salted Caramel Salted Caramel Milk Stout 4.50%
Kirkstall Brewery Providence New England Pale Ale (V) 5.20%
Kirkstall Brewery Spokane West Coast IPA 6.00%
Kirkstall Brewery Impunity DDH IPA 7.40%
Kirkstall Brewery Slow Show (Yeastie Boys collab) BA Barley Wine (V) 11.50%
Kirkstall Brewery Double Drop Hammer BA Imperial Stout 12.50%
Kirkstall Brewery Gelato Tropical Ice cream Sour 5.50%
Kirkstall Brewery Quash Blood Orange Hefeweizen (Common Collab) 2.70%
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Kirkstall Pilsner pilsner
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Veltins Pilsner pilsner
Kirkstall Lager Bar – North Brewing Co Springwell Pils Pilsner
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Braybrooke Kellerbier Kellerbier
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Donzoko Big Foam unfiltered helles
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Double Barrelled Desk Surfer Kolsch Style
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Utopian Rainbock Maibock
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Utopian Cerne Specialini Black Lager
Kirkstall Lager Bar – Utopian Dunkel Dunkel

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How do they work?

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