The International Rainbow Project 2017

19 Jun 2017

With only 3 months to go before LIBF6 gets underway we thought we’d give you all a bit of an update on how things are going (pretty damn well in fact). The UK brewery line up is virtually complete and you can see all the participating breweries taking part here. We’re thrilled to welcome 7 new UK breweries to the line-up – Elusive , Fierce , Gipsy Hill , Legitimate Industries, Left Handed Giant, Odyssey and Verdant will all be joining us in Leeds for the first time. Keep a look out for more surprises in the next couple of months. With over 30 breweries attending LIBF from all over country the festival will be the only destination to discover what’s going on in our fair isle.

Next bit of news is something you may have already read about in beer blogs and twitter – we were probably too excited to keep it to ourselves! In partnership with Magic Rock the festival will host the launch of the 2017 International Rainbow Project – this fantastic annual initiative which began in 2013 and was the brainchild of Ryan Witter-Merithew, (then head brewer at Siren Craft Brew) pairs seven of the best UK breweries with seven of the best breweries from a selected country of region. Each pairing is randomly given a colour of the rainbow which is used to inspire a collaborative brew. 2017 sees the UK breweries paired up with some amazing breweries in the US and we can’t wait to be the first to bring these new collaborative beers to the festival for you guys to try. The pairing and more information about the project can be found here.

More beery news soon – keep an eye on our twitter, facebook and Instagram pages for instant updates.