LIBF7 tickets

26 Feb 2018

Tickets for the 7th Leeds International Beer Festival are now on sale!!

You can buy tickets for any of the 6 festival sessions taking place over 6-9 September 2018 here or by telephone/in person at the city centre box office located in Leeds Town Hall. Our Ticket to Ride pass which provides entry to the entire 4 day festival and includes a bag of goodies will go on sale at the end of February. Session tickets will also be available at venues across the city before the end of the month – making it even easier for you to buy your tickets.

Tickets for all the sessions have increased this year – this is something we’ve really fought against for the last two years but rising costs have made this impossible to avoid. We hope that you will still agree that the festival and each 5 hour session with hundreds of exciting and new beers, along with a food market, three live music stages, games and arts installations still represents amazing value for money. The new ticket prices also includes a 6% booking fee in the price (so there are no credit card fees etc added on top). There’s only an additional £1 postage charge to send tickets out in the post.


The Leeds Beer Team.

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