Promoting, platforming, partnering, women owned and brewed beer.

“We are tired of waiting for a seat at the table, so were building our own banquet hall”

The Coven is a project from Pip Young, founder of 30SIX Brewery, a start up brand seeking to produce beer from foraged, home grown and native ingredients, bringing authenticity and heritage back to beer.

Since the 16th Century, women, the original makers of beer, have been pushed out of their traditional crafts and the Brewster was lost to time.

The Coven wants to bring Women brewed and owned beer back to the front of the industry, it’s already being made. It’s not just a gimmick for March, and International Women’s Day!

The Coven will platform, promote and partner with these amazing breweries and hopefully  become a place for all witches to enjoy:


Big Trip

Chapter Brewing  Chapter Brewing – Fictional beer. Real character.

Heist Brew Craft Beer Bar And Brewery Sheffield | Heist Brew Co

Merakai  Merakai Brewing Co