“SweetWater is named after Sweetwater Creek, located near the original brewery – one of Freddy’s favorite places to paddle. Freddy’s passions for beer, fishing and music, and his abiding love and respect for the outdoors, inspire the brand and inform the business strategy. “Don’t Float the Mainstream” is the motto the brewery lives, breathes and drinks by.”

The key dates :

  • 1996, co-founders Freddy Bensch and Kevin McNerney came to Atlanta during the Olympic Games and immediately recognized the potential to introduce the city, and the Southeast, to the bold, flavorful craft beers they had been brewing back in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Feb 17, 1997 – SweetWater Brewing Company was born
  • April 20, 1997 – First 420 Extra Pale Ale is conceived!

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420- 5.7% West coast IPA

IPA 6.3% IPA

Hash 4.2% Session IPA

Going Coastal 6.1% Pineapple Infused IPA