Hailing from Stavanger, Norway Lervig are a force in the world of Craft beer. Created after the townspeople revolted against the mass brewery attempted to sell them substandard beer and buying back their old brewery. After appointing Mike Murphy as their head brewer they haven’t looked back, creating high standard, tasty beers time and again. Their reputation now precedes them with every beer they make being held up as examples of the style. Know for bold tastes and consistency of their brews, Lervig are making craft beer for the masses not just the uber beer geeks



Lervig – Lucky Jack
Lervig – Barley Wine 13.0% Norway 20L OW KK Barley Wine
Lervig – Cafe Sur 4.0% Norway 30L OW KK Kettle sour with Coffee
Lervig – Fat Earl 4.5% Norway 30L OW KK Unfiltered Lager
Lervig – Grapefruit Lucky Jack 4.7% Norway 30L OW KK American Pale Ale with Grapefruit addition
Lervig – Hoppy Joe 4.7% Norway 30L OW KK American Red Ale
Lervig – Norweigen Mauler 7.9% Norway 20L OW KK Earl Grey tea infused Breakfast Stout
Lervig – Passion Tang 7.0% Norway 30L OW KK Sour beer brewed with Pasiion Fruit and Grains of Paradise
Lervig – Saison 6.6% Norway 30L OW KK Saison
Lervig – Sverd I Fjell 9.5% Norway 20L OW KK Triple IPA
Lervig/ Arizona Wilderness – Lawless 6.5% Norway 20L OW KK Farmhouse Ale with Juniper berries added
Lervig/ Hoppin Frog – Sippin into Darkness 12.0% Norway 20L OW KK Imperial Stout with Cocoa nibs and Vanilla
Lervig/ Magic Rock – Farmhouse IPA 6.0% Norway 30L OW KK Farmhouse IPA
Lervig/ Redchurch – Softly Softly 6.6% Norway 30L OW KK Flemish Red
Lervig/ Way – 3 Bean Stout 13.0% Norway 30L OW KK Stout

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