I grew up in a multi cultural house with an English Mum and Chinese Dad. Growing up, whilst my friends had cereal and toast for breakfast I had curry or whatever noodles dad had cooked the night before. What I will never forget were my school dinners. Whilst I watched my friends eating turkey twizzlers and beans I was lucky enough to tuck into bao buns. Soft, fluffy buns filled with rich meat and fresh veg. I missed these buns MASSIVELY as I grew older and went to University when I was living on packets of noodles. Eventually having begged my Grandma for the family recipe, I started to make bao for myself. Before I knew it I was making the buns for my friends and they were the main request every time they came round. This is how Little Bao Boy was born and we’ve never looked back. We believe in fresh, hand made bao buns with a tasty filling and a hint of western influence. Welcome to my little house of Bao