Our Story

Great beer is such a diverse landscape, whether it is encapsulating the best a pale ale or light refreshing pilsner can be, or experimenting with high alcohol flavours trying to capture something new, balanced and drinkable, there is something for everyone, every mood, every day.

Our desire is to constantly discover ways to excite curiosity and share our knowledge of our craft. In so doing we believe that beer can be enjoyed in the same way as wine drinkers enjoy the finest wine

What We Believe

To us at Siren, we see great beer as many see fine wines. In a great beer there is Allure – something that draws you in, is it the aroma? the look? Or just the thought about what awaits in that sparkling glass in front of you. Siren Craft Brew want you to look at beer in the same way. Yes it can be that perfect thirst quencher on a hot summers days, yes it can be the perfect drink to mark the end of a busy week. But look closer, smell closer, there is more. Much more.

What We’re Made Of

Our beers can have 8 times the ingredients of mass produced beer, but to us its worth it. Take our Breakfast Stout for instance, we felt that to get the complexity of flavour we were looking for we needed to work with a specialist in their field to pick the right coffee, the right quantity and used in the right way. In this endeavour the cost of our coffee costs more than many breweries spend on hops in a hoppy beer. But is it worth it…absolutely

Our Process

To build an artisanal product you have to approach it in the right way. Every stage in the brewing process is carefully thought through to ensure that we get the product we want at the end. The brewing process hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, but as industrialisation has sped many things up, to us we take things slower. The beer will be ready when its ready, not because it needs to get out of the door.

The results?

Well that’s for you to tell us, and certainly the feedback has been excellent. We aim to make beers that are enjoyable, cover a wide range of needs from being accessible to the truly unique and occassionaly challenging, but each has a purpose, personality and ultimately draws you in to want to try more.

BEER LINE UP 2016 (Name/Type ABV/Cask-Keg)

Undercurrent Pale Ale 4.5 Keg

Sound Wave IPA 5.6 Keg

Liquid Mistress Red IPA 5.8 Keg

Broken Dream Stout 6.5 Keg

Calypso Berliner Weisse 4 Keg

Tidal Wave Imperial IPA 10 Keg

Half Mast Session IPA 2.8 Keg

Tschuss Berliner Weisse 5 Keg

Five Alarm Red Chilli Ale 7.4 Keg

Proteus IPA IPA 6.9 Keg

Amigos Britanicos (Collaboration with Casita Cerveceria)Farmhouse Ale 7.4 Keg

Caribbean Chocolate Cake Stout 7.4 Keg

Pompelmocello Sour IPA 6 Keg

Protues Pale Ale 4 Keg

Orange Boom Orange Berliner Weisse 4 Keg

Vermont Tea Party Pale Ale w/ Earl Grey Tea 3.6 Keg

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