Mad Hatter was born in 2013 on a 40l kit in a tiny lock up by Gaz and Sue. Along the way, we’ve had a pop up bar, and expanded to a mighty (!) 3.5bbl, with plans to expand again soon. We often make crazy beers but also strive to make delicious classics. Penny Lane Pale is our signature brew: a 3.9% pale ale with tropical fruit aroma hops, and recent hits include Tzatziki Sour (a kettle sour with yoghurt, mint and cucumber) and Liverpool Tart (a lemon gose).

BEER LINE UP 2016 (Name/Type/ABV/Cask/Keg/Bottle)

Tzatziki Sour Sour 4.2 Keg

A Moment of Sanity Kolsch 5.1 Keg

Manchester Tart Fruit Beer 2.8 Keg

Gingerbread Ginger Beer 7.2 Keg

Marmalade Cake Amber 6.8 Keg

Massive IPA (name TBC) IPA 15 (TBC) Keg

The Void and The Event Barrel Aged Barley Wine 12 Bottle

Through the Oak Darkly Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 10

Bottle Liverpool Tart Gose 4.2 Keg

Penny Lane Pale 3.9 Keg