At Hawkshead Brewery we make the sort of beer we like to drink. We brew distinctive, flavourful, modern beers. We have been brewing in the Lake District since 2002, we started in an old barn at Hawkshead, outgrew it after four years and moved across Windermere to our present site at Staveley.

Here we built a new brewery in the old wood turning mill, and added The Beer Hall, the brewery tap, so that you can drink our beer where it is brewed. We are small enough to know most of our customers, not to care about the mass market and are able to brew lots of different beers. We’re big enough to employ a team of five brewers and make around 120 barrels (20,000 litres) of beer a week. Our beer is made by people who LOVE BEER for people who love beer
Chuckleberry Sour Berliner Weisse 3.5 Keg
Session IPA IPA 4.7 Keg
Key Lime Tau Sour 6.3 Keg
Solar Sour Berliner Weisse 3.3 Keg
iTi Pale Ale 3.5 Keg
IPA India Pale Ale 7.0 Keg
Cumbrian 5 Hop Golden Ale 5.0 Keg
Tonka Imperial Porter 8.5 Keg
NZPA Pale Ale 6.0 Keg
Citra Dry Hopped Sour Sour 3.3 Keg
Sundown American Red 4.5 Keg
Great White Spiced Wheat Beer 4.8 Keg 
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