The Cromarty Brewing Co is a family run business consisting of Craig, Chap and Jenni Middleton. Craig, our fanatical brewer studied the science of brewing at Heriot Watt University and the art of beer making in the student accommodation and flat basements. After finishing the course with a 1st class degree he went on to do some work in breweries such as Odell’s in Colorado and Cairngorm in Aviemore. It was during this time that he decided he wanted to get his own beers to market. He applied for grants, got some scary bank loans and managed to get his folks Chap and Jenni in on the deal.

In the spring of 2011 construction started on the shed works and some awesome stainless steel was ordered from Bavarian Brewery Technologies. Hectic times and long hours later led to the first of the casks rolling out on the 19th December 2011 – just in time for the festivities.
Chap is the brewery engineer with a passion for making anything and everything and proves very handy in the day to day running of the brewery. Jenni is on accounts and keeps us in check with the paperwork to our delight.



Breakfast In Berlin Berliner 2.0 Keg

Arctic Swell Vienna Lager 5.2 Keg

Pure Baltic Baltic Porter 6.6 Keg


IPL – Name TBC Dry hopped Pils 4.5 Keg

TBC Rogue Wave Extra Pale 5.7 Cask

Happy Chappy Pale 4.1 Cask

Kowabunga APA 4.6 Cask

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