Drew Millward’s LIBF5 Poster unveiled!!

17 Apr 2016

Here it is Drew Millward’s beautiful artwork for our special 5th anniversary edition – the posters will be appearing in various sizes across Leeds, Yorkshire and further afield over the next few weeks and months. You’ll be able to buy “proper” prints on lovely paper and everything from Drew at the beer festival and (if you’re lucky) get them online if there are any leftover after the 11 September.

The early bird ticket deal for this year’s festival has now ended but there are still tickets to buy for all 6 sessions at the new standard prices. As well as buying online you can purchase tickets from the city centre box office on Millennium Square. We’ll also be selling tickets at more venues across the city this year to make it easier for you to pick them up – a full list of the participating venues will be announced on Wednesday. Full details regarding ticket prices, fees etc can be found on our ticket page

Do hurry as Friday and Saturday sessions will very likely sell out in advance!!
More information on our Ticket to Ride Festival pass and our dining experience will follow shortly!!