LIBF5 – Early bird tickets!

29 Jan 2016

2016 sees a bit of a landmark for us as we celebrate our 5th edition (drinking beer certainly makes time fly by!), since the festival began it’s grown at a staggering rate and we’re enormously proud of it, not least the amazing reaction from audiences who come back every year and tell us what a blast it is! So while this year’s event may still be 7 months away we’ve been working on some really cool stuff which we’ll be announcing in the coming months .

To kick things off we’re launching a special early bird ticket, so if you buy your tickets for any session between now and 31 March they will cost the same as last year – £7 (£5 Sunday). After this they’ll be going up to £8/£8.50 per session (£6 Sunday). These tickets will be limited so once they’re gone they’re gone!

We’ll be announcing the first wave of breweries in February and some amazing music and live performance news soon after that, so stay tuned beer people!

Leeds Beer team